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Purebred Angus

HA Cowboy Up 5405 x OCC Windy 201

BD: 3/5/17

Registration#: 18827534

  • Deep bodied, free moving Cowboy Up son

  • Top 10% CED, WW, YW, $W; Top 20% $B

  • Maternal Granddam was Champion Cow/Calf at NWSS

  • Maternal Brother to Dam was 3rd High Selling bull at Midland Bull Test

  • Semen available through Cattle Visions!!

North Camp Doc Holiday 7305

Semen available through   Cattle Visions!

LCDR Calgary

Image coming soon

3/4 Simmental x 1/4 Angus

CCR Abilene 6018C x TJ Power Grid

BD: 3/5/17

Registration#: 3301273

  • Deep bodied, free moving Cowboy Up son

  • Top 10% WW; Top 15% YW; Top 20% TI & MWW

  • Moderate framed bull that takes a long stride and walks on a big foot

  • Plenty of spring of rib and very deep bodied

Herd Sires Through the YEARS

Utah 327C

Purebred Simmental

W/C Utah x SVF Cracker Barrel

BD: 4/1/15

Registration#: 2975728

  • Favorite Utah son in Hart Simmental’s 2016 Bull Sale

  • Look for Utah to add thickness and rib expression to calf crop

  • Very sound on the move

  • Consistent set of EPD’s

Tour of Duty 5420

Purebred Angus

RB Tour of Duty 177 x Mytty In Focus

BD: 2/17/15

Registration#: 18253464

  • Structurally sound and attractive phenotype

  • Look for him to add extension and front end without sacrificing growth

  • Strong and consistent EPD profile​

  • Top 5% for WW and 10% for YW

  • Top $Values and Maternal EPDs across the board

Mel 4077

Purebred Angus

Musgrave Mel x SAV Bismarck 5682

BD: 2/11/14

Registration#: 17965638

  • Adj. WW of 790lbs with a 104 WW ratio

  • Adj. YW of 1,478lbs with a 17.4 inch RE at 365 days

  • 38.1 cm scrotal

  • Sound on his feet, deep bodied and clean fronted

  • Look for him to add pounds at weaning without giving up calving ease

Cool Trend 420Z

Purebred Simmental

New Trend Way Cool x KENCO MLF

BD: 3/13/12

Registration#: 2666486

  • Semen Available

  • Top 1% Milk, REA; Top 3% MWW

  • 17.02 Adj. Ribeye

  • Top 3% for Ribeye EPD

  • Lead bull in 2013 Hart Farms Bull Sale

LaGrand Upward 1149

Purebred Angus

Sitz Upward x LaGrand 2617

BD: 2/4/11

Registration#: 17131826​

  • Very strong and well balanced EPD profile

  • Top 10% WW, $W, $B; Top 15% YW

  • First crop of calves are performing very well

  • Calves have a lot of muscle expression and grow very well

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